What is Digital Deepak Internship Program- Review of DDIP


Digital Troopers (Batch-5)

Being a part of batch 5 of the Digital Deepak Internship Program,
I have written this blog to share a quick review or a Short Summary about what we have learned throughout this journey.

Before writing this blog, I was too confused about where to begin, but then I got a notification from DigitalDeepak’s Email Newsletter that there would be a master class on Blogging and Copywriting for free, Which was certified too.

So, Within some clicks, I got to enroll in it, and just after completing that class I was enough boosted that I wrote ‘10 to 15 powerful headlines within 5 minutes’

Ohkay, Let’s get back to the Headline.. What is DDIP?

Digital Deepak Internship (DDIP) Review-2020

It’s an internship where you will get to know about different digital platforms that can let you reach out to your target audience, and market your product and services in front of them.

That’s too theoretical, right?

So, let’s talk about it in a more detailed way…

Digital Deepak’s Internship Program has about a 12 weeks module in which they cover all the Horizontal integrals of Digital Marketing.


Successful Mindset

Week-1 (DigitalDeepakInternshipProgram)

This was a serious class before the start of something big that was coming ahead.

To this date, I was not serious enough and some way or the other, I was making my mind to think that I am not made to do this, but this week gave a different prospect to my life.

There were things that I realized, I want to work on.

I had taken a few takeaways like Not to get lazy, Envy others, Not only think but do it in action, Get disciplined, Start meditating, Have a passion for what I have dreamed.

The overall idea behind this week was to Motivate us.

As the Deepak Sir told:

“To start up something you should always have a positive mindset in life to achieve your goals.

And if you really want to transform your life into its 2.O version, it is very much important to have a Successful Mindset before getting into this internship.”

Not only about mindset, but he also trained our minds and made us realize what is important and what is not important in life to be successful.

This week has helped most of us in shaping the journey ahead and has encouraged us to think and choose our 2.O version.

I am sure this week will help you look at life in a better way than how you are looking at it now.


Law Of Marketing

Week-2 (DigitalDeepakInternshipProgram)

This training felt like I am learning the whole marketing of 2 years of my MBA in just 2 hours and even something new.

All the fundamentals and concepts of marketing were perfectly explained!

Pointing Out, “Digital marketing is more about marketing than about digital.”

In this week, Deepak sir shows his concern towards Understanding of Marketing.

As He says;

Nowadays no one focuses on the basics of marketing…

And if you understand it,

This is what makes you different from others!

Luckily, I was focused enough while this training, that I had even written an article explaining all of the marketing concepts i.e., How to Be a Successful Marketer?


Finding Your Probable Niche 2.0

Week-3 (DigitalDeepakInternshipProgram)

Niche is where you need to find a good market and you need to match it with your passion and your talent.

Do You Know: What is your Niche?

Frankly speaking, I was not even familiar with the word “Niche” before getting into this internship.

But now,

The way Deepak Sir has explained everything and encouraged us to take action has made me confident enough that I had written a blog related to the Niche Selection.

It’s ok to follow your passion first*

Don’t think that a particular niche is not profitable.

If you go deep enough in a single niche, and if you make sure that there is a market need and the niche is also aligned to your inclinations and your interest, then you will definitely make money in that niche.
You can learn more about How to Choose Your Niche 2.O


Creating Your Blog

Week-4 (DigitalDeepakInternshipProgram)

Creating Your Own Blog is an achievement as you can show it to anyone and tell them that I have working experience with everything.

It’s a live project to prove your skills.


The way DD explain everything from scratch, which we required as a beginner,

I got to know about lots of new terms which I didn’t know.

Now I do not depend on others.

His video of the assignment for this week helped me to understand and get more clarity in terms of Blogging.

His deeply summarized videos are designed in such a great way,

I must say:

This is why a mentor is necessary who can reduce the time of 1 year to just 2 hours


Content Writing & Copywriting

Week-5 (DigitalDeepakInternshipProgram)

This week had Very useful insights about content marketing and how you can leverage it for your personal branding and the growth of your business.

DD has covered almost every part such as resistance to content creation, the process of writing good content, content mind map with funnel stage such as
TOFU (TopOfFunnel), MOFU (MiddleOfFunnel), and BOFU (BottomOfFunnel), building a personal brand using content and earning opportunity by being a freelance content writer was explained.

The way Deepak Sir explains everything is easy to understand and quite motivating too.

He always encourages us to just go ahead and take action in whatever capacity you can because without that you won’t be able to learn anything and you will just keep consuming more and more content.

As a result, I started creating content that was finally uploaded as the first video on my youtube channel.


Social Media Marketing

Week-6 (DigitalDeepakInternshipProgram)

Well, this week was unexpectedly enlightening, which made me realize that
“We are not using social media instead, Social media is using us”.

The way DD shared thoughts and facts, seemed like we already know the pattern of Facebook & Instagram but don’t want to accept.

The reality check is not to depend on social media’s mercy to get the audience, instead, have your own land and build an empire.

Thanks to DDIP for sharing this red pill.

It is very important that we make the best use of these Social Media platforms in the right way rather than letting these platforms use us.

The idea behind using SSM should be just to use them for reaching & driving targeted customers to your owned platforms

Must say this was all together with a new outlook to SMM.

Really enjoyed the session and found it valuable as always.

If you want to know more about the evolution of Trends in Social media. You can find it here.


Search Engine Optimization

Week-7 (DigitalDeepakInternshipProgram)

This week’s idea was compared with renting a house and buying a house, just to explain why Search Traffic is more valuable than going for Paid traffic.

It was clear that Seo is a long-term game and when it is played strategically, can provide you lots of traffic just for free.

DD explained the need for SEO as, 

When people want to discover you, You should be discoverable, and Search presence is important for getting discovered.

The Off-Page Techniques within this week were much enlightening. 
So far I only knew about backlinks & have never read about brands and author rank.

But the way it was explained this week, made me clear with all the basics of Search Engine Optimization.


Lead Generation & Email Marketing

Week-8 (DigitalDeepakInternshipProgram)

Must say, very decent and structured content on the lead generation was discovered this week.

Like Deepak sir showed us the real-life examples literally !!!

It was so simply explained as just to begin with designing the blueprint of your business, then approach the prospects, qualify them into leads, engage them via sales pages, webinars, meetings, demonstrate via products, follow up, and then close the deal thereby attracting hot/ paying customers.

Personally speaking, this week seems to be the backbone of entire digital marketing to be triggered in an action in the very first place.
All the pointers are linked to each other when it comes to lead generation.
The most exciting part was the lead generation tools via B2B and B2C outreach and CATT funnel.

I also got a lot of ideas simultaneously while watching the video


Facebook Ads

Week-9 (DigitalDeepakInternshipProgram)

This week was assumed by me to be the toughest part of this Internship Program as I was just a beginner with everything.

But when I took a deep dive into this week,
It was just so simple as the dedication towards learning was enough boosted that I had followed each and every step as taught throughout the week, and as a result, I was successful at running my ads successfully.

Do you know what tensed me the most?
It was to arrange investment for running Ads.

But the moment the assignment worksheet was released and explained, I felt so calmed as spending on running ads wasn’t compulsory.
We were permitted to just save our ads as a draft, and share their links.

Once I completed designing the complete FB Ad, I felt so excited that I had actually invested some budget on it, and had resulted in bringing me lots of quality leads.


Google Ads

Week-10 (DigitalDeepakInternshipProgram)

“Journey towards here is just a nostalgic experience for me.

I am already feeling like my life has been transformed to the next level from the day I joined this Internship Program.

The level of self-confidence, and the expression of feelings into the words, were the most useful assets I have acquired from the last 2 months.”

Really Excited for few more weeks which will be covering the route towards my career goal, which are:


Marketing Automation


The Natural Sales Method

Bonus Week-1

Personal Branding

Bonus Week-2

Affiliate Marketing

Bonus Week-3

Digital Freelancing

Bonus Week-4

Digital Mentoring

Do you know What’s the interesting thing is?

*You will get rewards for submitting the correct Assignments within deadlines*

Yes, You will be rewarded with cashback within a week just after submitting your assignments on time.

But from where this cashback will come?

They will be small portions of your own money that you are going to pay as your savings with DDIP
And they will structure out the whole money into lots of cash backs according to different weeks.

This is something great yah!

I Understand that Digital Deepak Internship Program is paid up and you must be worried about the guarantee of getting cash-backs and approval of assignments,

Trust me, I was also tense before enrolling into this program and even for clarity I had asked about the security of payment on quora.

Here are the screenshots of the replies…


Those replies from quora made me sure that the investment I was thinking about for this Internship, was Completely Worth it.
Or It was like: Those Cashbacks were 100% Guaranteed.

Actually, I got to know about this Internship Program on YouTube and So, was unknown from the Personal Branding of Deepak Kanakaraju.

But when I got to talk to Deepak sir directly after enrolling in this program, I was confident enough about my decision and since then, I am recommending this internship to all the digital media lovers and marketing experts.

Another Interesting part was getting introduced to his team…
Especially, I got to meet here to Kamna Jain, and after knowing her journey towards Pixel Track, I think she has now been added to my Inspirational Stories list.
As she says: “If I can do it, why can’t you?”

For sure,You must be wondering about the technicalities of digital marketing.

What If You Won’t be able to understand concepts easily?

What If You won’t be able to complete assignments?

As a beginner, Who will help you to complete the assignments?

If you are a beginner, then Congratulations!

We have Kamna, who will be there to help us whenever we get stuck with these kinds of issues.

And the great thing is the Q&A session, In which Kamna herself fills up the Assignment Worksheet from scratch and In case, we miss that session, We can have a recording of that step-by-step guidance session.

If in case, You forget to write something on the submitted assignment worksheet, or Even you have written something incorrectly, then DDIP gives you a second chance to undo all those mistakes.

If your Submitted assignment is not approved then you will be informed about why it is not correct and you will be given a week to get it correct and submit it again.

After re-submission, if your assignment gets approved then you will receive the same cashback as it is because Deepak Sir believes mistakes are just a part of learning*

Apart from Persona, DD’s Internship Program also has something known as LMS, where every Intern has his/her own Enrollment ID and Password.

LMS is the only place that is automatically responsible for providing us resources, assignment worksheets, and also approvals after 7 days and accordingly, Cashbacks.

Learning Management System of Digital Deepak Internship Program

Being well-organized without any kind of partiality,
DD’s assignments are introduced every Monday and we have a week to complete and submit them before the deadline.

Introduction of assignments on LMS includes a pre-recorded video by Deepak Sir himself which is of around (one hour or more), bunched with assignment worksheets and their explanatory videos and further reference resources (if required).


Within the explanation video, or it could be a live webinar, Deepak sir himself tells us about what we have to do in the assignment, by explaining the complete assignment worksheet live and accordingly explains each and every section clearly, in brief.

Being a well-known Personal Brand, most importantly he is himself a Great Personality.

‘Great’ word is used here because I have seen him talking to us just like a friend, not only in Internships but also in his courses and his live webinars, Even within his tone while writing the blogs or emails for the newsletter.

He used to laugh at our jokes written in the chatbox and even give answers to our silly questions, just to make those live sessions much more Interactive and Interesting.

For me, he is a great person because he used to enjoy his job and is free from Ego issues, and has friendliness as an asset.


So after all of this, further we have a Particular Group of our batch to learn, to teach, and to discuss problems with each other and work all as a COMMUNITY.

We also have something called a Tribe, where there are a lot of people and batches of subgroups to share knowledgeable words and to enhance each other’s knowledge.

The Deep Tribe-DDIP

But You Know What?
Sometimes, some issues need to have a face-to-face discussion with experts.
I do feel like this…

And so, they also have something called a Q & A session, which is usually held on Wednesday or Thursday.

The preferences are decided by running a poll into the groups of that particular batch.
Within this Live call, all the questions are written up and are also voted if we have similar issues and are all answered one by one.

Certain questions are also discussed by typing into the chatbox.

Overall I should say,
It is a well-organized program, in which you will get Support, you will find Friends, Competitors, Motivators, Mentors, Experienced Classmates, Freshers.

And if you have: Dedication, Willingness and Potential to work, Talent to express your feelings in your own words,

 Just Joined this Program!

I’m sure you will go through a transforming Journey, And will become a trained professional, who will have a clear sight about where your own success lies.

You’ll be creating a route towards your successful career”

Lastly, I want to add that,

Being a fresher with excitement, we just want to have everything within a blink of an eye, but the profession is not so easy to find and understand.

You will have to wait for the step by step process and trust in your mentor.

You will surely gonna understand what you are passionate about and you’ll be able to make it your profession.

[You Can Apply for the Digital Deepak Internship Program here]

The level of customer service you are going to get is just incredible…

Here’s an intern from my batch who had written a blog related to customer service. You can read his article here.

For any Queries related to DDIP.
Let’s Get In Touch

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